What is Rev20?
In 2016, a group of people came together with a common vision for the seat of Owen County in Spencer, IN.  This group saw a need for an event that would reach a community that was in need of hope and vision.  

What emerged over the months of prayer and preparation was a need to bring the different bodies of believers together,  the reviving of the church as one body.  We all share a mission of sharing Christ, and with the message of salvation, we offer hope to a community that is inundated with news, media and life that make hope seem ever out of reach.  

festival that would include things that are universally appreciated, such as wholesome music, great food and activities for all ages would serve as a vehicle to put that unity and commission into motion.

Our Purpose

To facilitate outreach to the community through a festival of contemporary Christian, gospel and worship music, community fellowship and ministry.

Our Mission

Revive the church

Reveal Christ

Revitalize Hope

Our Vision

To awaken God’s people out of a state of compromise and stagnation into a completion of healing through the Holy Spirit which brings revival and will see the lost saved and God’s truth declared to all who hear it.